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Why It’s Important to Pick the Right Bail Bond Agent


When you have been arrested for a criminal violation, you will be booked, processed, and given a bail amount set by the presiding judge. For even slight misdemeanors, bail can be set at thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars. Most people do not have this much extra money just lying around in their bank accounts and turn to a bail bond agent for assistance. While this is a smart and useful practice, it is critical that you find the
right bail bond agent for help; otherwise, you could wind up in another world of troubles, separate from your criminal charges.

When searching for a trustworthy bail bond agent, always consider the following:

  • Price: Bail bond services work by you paying a percentage of the bail amount to the agent, and the agent then paying the full amount to the court to have you released; assuming you show up for all court dates and follow any restrictions, when your case is closed the bail amount is returned to the agent. To get this financial support in a pinch, most bail bond agents will charge 10 to 15% of the bail amount. Be mindful of any agent that seeks an excessive amount, such as 25, 30, or even 50%.
  • Collateral: In addition to being paid a small percentage of the total bail amount, it is common practice for a bail bond agent to be promised collateral equal to the unpaid amount. For example, if your bail is $1,000 and you give the agent $100, you may also be required to sign a waiver declaring you will give them $900 worth of your personal, valuable property if you fail to meet court regulations and nullify the bail. An honest bail bond agent will not require collateral valued over the original bail amount – and may even not require any at all by using a signature bond – whereas a bond agent with their own best interests in mind could require you to put up excessively large amounts of your property as collateral.
  • Emergency service: No one expects to get arrested for anything, and so it might be the middle of the night on a weekend when you are put in jail and assigned bail. What are you to do if a bail bond agent only works 9 to 5 on the weekdays? Make certain the bail bond service and agent you choose will be there at any time of the day, any day of the week – yes, that includes holidays.
  • Efficiency: Offering bail bond services is one thing, but offering fast, effective services is another matter altogether. You have to get out of jail as soon as you can so you can get back to your family and start working on your criminal defense case. Put your trust in a bail bond agent with years of experience and a history of resolving bail issues as soon as humanly possible.
  • Willingness: Some bail bond agents will only post bail for clients arrested for certain crimes, or for bail amounts under a low threshold. This is not ideal and could leave you hanging out to dry when you were relying on their support. Find a bail bond agent who will work with you, no matter the details of your case or the sum of your bail.

A Way Out Bail Bonds II Inc. in Florida

Our bail bond agents believe we should be your first choice of service in Brevard County, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and all around Southwestern Florida. We charge a low rate of only 10% of your bail amount and we are honest and upfront about collateral agreements. We are available 24/7/365, act fast to get you out of jail fast, and do not discriminate whatsoever against clients – we can help you with everything from DUI to violent crime arrests. Contact us today, at any time, for the bond service you deserve and require!