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When looking for a bail bondsman, you want to be sure of the agency’s integrity, license, and ability to assist individuals in posting bail and securing their release from jail. Spending time in jail is a terrible experience that should be avoided or ended as quickly as possible when bail is available. The bondsmen at A Way Out Bail Bonds II Inc. treats each
bail bond as though the individual in jail was our own family member.

We care about your freedom and we will work within the law to get you released as soon as possible, even when bail is set at an unaffordable rate. Due to our focus on client care and satisfaction, our agents have received high praise from satisfied customers over the past 9 years.

Browse through the testimonials below before contacting our Sarasota bail bonds office to speak with a member of our team. We are happy to assist individuals during their time of need! If you are looking for a trust-worthy and competent legal team to help you get out of jail, look no further. We have both the professional qualifications and personal character qualities you can trust. Just consider the testimonials below:

Matthew and Ryan,

Even though I went through a horrible time, I met a lot of awesome people who knew their jobs and were incredibly helpful. Whenever confusion set in, the two of you always answered my questions. For your kindness, I am very grateful. Thanks guys!


Thank you Matthew for bonding me. I have a new look on life now and I am looking forward to improving myself and making a difference in life. None of this would be possible if you hadn’t helped me. Once again, thank you!


Matthew, I believe in the power of prayer. You are the evidence of that truth. I prayed that day for God to send me someone who could help and that we could trust. Thank you!