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Cash Bail

Sarasota Bail Bonds

Of the various types of bail that defendants, friends and families can use to secure release from jail or a detention center, one option that may be available is cash bail. Cash bail is a process that does not require a bail bond to be issued by an agency. In order to post cash bail, the total amount of bail must be paid directly to the jail or detention facility. When the case is resolved and all terms have been met, the money will be returned. If a defendant fails to appear in court at any point during their case, the total amount of bail may be subject to forfeiture.

While the policies of jails and law enforcement agencies may vary, they may also accept checks and credit cards in addition to cash. Posting cash bail may not be an option for everyone, which is why our knowledgeable agents have provided the following information about cash bail as compared to traditional bail bonds.

Cash Bail vs. Bail Bonds

Total Bail Amount

The first and most immediate thing to consider when determining if cash bail is a feasible option is the total bail amount. As cash bail requires the full payment of bail, it is often the case that defendants and their loved ones cannot afford to pay cash. As opposed to paying the entire bail amount, co-signers are only required to pay 10% of the total bail amount when obtaining a bail bond.

Long Legal Proceedings

Another point to consider is that courts will not return money until a case is resolved. As legal proceedings can last for months or even years, some may find it difficult to not have access to a large amount of money during unforeseen emergencies.

Unwanted Inquiries

When friends, relatives or defendants post large amounts of money in the form of cash bail, they may also be required to provide information about their source of income. This can lead to unwanted or personally invasive questioning.

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Intent on ensuring that our clients have all the information they need to fully understand their unique bail bond process, our experienced Sarasota bail bonds agents can assist you in determining if cash bail is a feasible and appropriate option for securing the release of your loved one. Our agents are available 24/7 and are prepared to meet your needs.
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