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After the Arrest

I’ve been arrested and can’t afford bail. What do I do now?

Bail bonds allow an individual to be released from jail even when they cannot afford to post the cash bail amount.
The bail bond process begins the moment a person is arrested under criminal charges. At this time, they will undergo an arraignment where a judge informs them of the charges against them. After this, they are processed and the
type of bail is set.

One option is “release on own recognizance” and the other is “cash bail,” the amount of which is also set after processing based on the alleged offense committed. Once bail has been set, the imprisoned individual or a third party may “post bail” by paying the set amount. This secures their release from jail with the understanding that they must appear for their criminal proceedings, at which time the court will refund the bail.

The amount of cash bail is often more than anyone can afford. That is why A Way Out Bail Bonds II Inc. exists. Our agents have assisted Sarasota residents in posting bail for nearly a decade and have a thorough understanding of Florida
bail bonds laws and regulations. We are honest and caring, and we will never treat you as anything less than our own family. Call today to learn what an agent can do to help get you or your loved one out of jail.

Why Hire One of Our Agents?

A Way Out Bail Bonds II Inc. can provide a caring and straightforward Sarasota bail bonds agent for anyone in the Sarasota area. We will take the time to thoroughly explain the bail bonds process and how it can benefit your situation. In addition, we will never trick or threaten you at any time during the process. Being placed in jail is a terrifying experience and we are here to provide support and surety for your release. Call us now at 941-894-3555 to speak directly with a member of our team.